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    Why is it that certain ways of doing things just seem right? We answer this question by defining taste regimes: discursively constructed normative systems that orchestrate practice in an aesthetically oriented culture of consumption. Collaborative work with Zeynep Arsel of Concordia University Montreal published in the February, 2013 issue of Journal of Consumer Research.

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  • in ambidextrous, the Journal of the Stanford D-School

    ikeahackingambidextrousIKEA Hacking, with Daniela Rosner. 

    CHI 2009 Proceedings (Human-Computer Interaction Conference)

    ikeahackingCHILearning from IKEA Hacking: “Iʼm Not One to Decoupage a Tabletop and Call It a Day.” with Daniela Rosner.

    99% Invisible Podcast                                

    99invisibleHacking IKEA produced by Sean Cole.


    Interactions Cover January-February 2016  Interactions Sept-Oct 2015  interactions_cover

    I write a regular column for Interactions, the flagship magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction.

  • It's not that hard

    It’s time to make the software that models building energy use in the design phase easier for everyone to use. 

    Ending charge anxiety

    We don’t need a new code of EV charger etiquette. We need more EV chargers.

    The Times New Roman Lie

    The font that Google’s Chrome OS says is Times New Roman is not Times New Roman. 

  • Conversations on Making

    David Cuartielles, co-founder of the Arduino platform, weighs in on the below column. Daniela Rosner and I respond. 

    How Green Building is Redesigning the User

    Can technology — in the form of energy-efficient house — save us from our own bad behavior? Or is putting technology into buildings simply enabling more consumption? 

    Big Data, Diminished Design?

    Crowdsourcing and algorithms are displacing the traditional role of the designer — and the connection between cultural context and aesthetics. (with Daniela Rosner) 

  • Making: Movement or Brand?

    Is the Maker Movement best thought of as a social movement or a brand? (with Daniela Rosner)  

    Demo or Die?

    Shiny, happy video short videos have become a staple of life online, from Kickstarter to the MIT media lab. But they encode a modernist vision of progress that helps to conceal our complicated reality. (with Daniela Rosner)  

    The Weapons Factory in the Den

    The future is here. And so are 3d printed weapons. (with Daniela Rosner)  

  • Taking the new neologisms offline

    Do we really need a name for the phenomenon when an online phenomenon moves offline? If so, can it not be meatspacing? (with Daniela Rosner)  

    Old hat

    Design’s ascendancy has demoted craft to a supporting role. Craft, we argue, is part of design, and we’re worse off without it. (with Daniela Rosner)  

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